Our Services

Teenage Issues Counselling

Children in their teenage go through a stream of emotional, physical and mental ups and downs. Counselling can help them step ahead on the right track. At Expert Counsellor, we teach your child the right way of living. Consult with us today!

Career Counselling

Confused about what to do? Which career is best for you? How will you excel in it? We can help you choose the right stream, select a profession and a way to do well in it. Get connected instantly to the best career counsellor and get answers to all your career related questions.

Business Counselling

Planning to set-up your own business? We can provide you effective Counselling that can help you explore new possibilities and fight with the issues affecting your business. Contact us today to get rid of all the problems in your business!

Financial Counselling

Enduring Financial Problems? We offer cards, loans tax saving, accounts, retirement planning and more Counselling to our customers. We can also tell you about your ATM card safety tips, investment safety tips and more!

Relationship Counselling

Pre-marital Counselling is important for the couple to get better understanding of each other before marriage. At Expert Counsellor, we can help you evaluate the bonding you’re going to share with your spouse after your marriage.

Marriage Counselling

At Expert Counsellor, we help couples to manage conflicts and heal the relationship. We have effective solutions for affair problems, adjustment problems, relation problem and more!! To bring happiness in your married life, contact us today!

Legal Counselling

Are you dealing with any legal case? We can help! At Expert Counsellor, we will closely analyze your case and will advise you on a specific course of action based on the applicable law. Get in touch with us to resolve all your legal problems.

Mental Health Counselling

Are you suffering from any serious disease? We can help you choose the right doctor for the treatment and get hassle-free appointments. Contact us today to get advice from the best mental health counsellor.